Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Friendship in the Age of Texting

Dear Rebecca,

Please tell Daniel that I’m glad he was not at all interested in helping me trim my goat's hooves and I do thank him for letting me know that hoof trimmers trim hooves for a herd of animals, not one goat.  I will remember this going forward.  It was for the best though because as it turns out, you can learn anything from YouTube.  Annnnd…you wouldn’t believe it unless you’ve already tried it, but trimming a goat’s hooves is even more fun than cleaning out built up hair from the bottom of a vacuum cleaner.  And if you wonder if cleaning the bottom of a vacuum is really fun, then maybe we just aren’t meant to be friends.  I came away from the whole experience with only a small nick along the side of my thumb which didn't really hurt, but the bleeding was enough to make me put the trimming shears away.  It was for the best because I was starting to get a little carried away as is the case when I start a task such as this (read: Christi's eyebrows).  Plus, the smell-although very very foulsome-reminded me of my childhood and the time my dad threw an old cow horn to me and made me smell the worst thing I’d ever smelled, promising me that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of the smell for three days.  He was right.  

Also, do you have any openings for a haircut in the next couple of weeks?


Your friend Christi
I didn't mention this in my text message, but if you can
 learn anything from YouTube, you can do anything
if you have an Aiden who is the. best. helper. in the
whole world and who received a shearing himself
shortly after this photo was taken.  

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